Fred’s Texas Cafe (Fort Worth)1 min read

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Fred’s has possibly the best burger I’ve had.  It’s been around since 1978, and it qualifies as a hole in the wall.

Today I had the 1/2 lb Fredburger and cheese and Crispy Bacon Cheese Fries with grilled jalapeños and onions.

The burger is very juicy with great flavor and comes with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion & mustard on a fresh grilled bun.  Great combo in flavor!

Where do I start with the fries?!?  Pure sin! Very large portion of seasoned fries covered in bacon, cheese, grilled jalapeños and grilled onions with ranch dressing. You can’t go wrong with bacon right?!?

They have live music on the weekends, though I haven’t been there for it, the staff says it’s alot of fun.  Even if it’s your first time there the staff make it feel like you’ve been coming there for years, very friendly.

They were featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and dives back in November 2009.

Pictured is their Diablo burger, I haven’t had it, but maybe next time.  Looks delicious.

Fred’s Texas Cafe

915 Currie Street
Fort Worth, Texas
(817) 332-0083

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