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At one time, the only choice for wings in the DFW area was Wing Stop.  So they were the best thing ever.  Even though the wings were small and the only flavor worth getting was lemon pepper.

Then came Buffalo Wild Wings.  Good size wings with a great variety of sauces.  My favs being Asian Zing and Spicy Garlic. With half price wings on Tuesday, I’ve eaten my body weight in wings there.

In October of 2009 we went down to Austin to catch a UT Longhorns game. When we were leaving some people were handing out coupons for this place called Pluckers Wing Bar, and they mentioned two just opened in DFW.

I loves me some wings, so we went to the new Arlington location.  Both the dining room and the bar are laid out very well. Very spacious and every seat has a good view of one of the many TV’s in the place, which is always showing either baseball, basketball or football.

Pluckers is run by UT Austin Alumni, so the place is certain to be airing any Longhorns game going on. They also draw a large UT crowd when ever a Longhorns game is on. We caught nearly every Longhorn football game last season there.

The wings are very large, good flavor, juicy, and perfectly fried where the skin has a good crunch to it.

We have tried several of the wing sauces, but our fav is the spicy ranch tossed with buffalo medium.  That mix is the bomb and is what we have every time we go now.  For dipping, they offer either blue cheese or ranch.  The blue cheese is nice and thick with good sized chunks of blue cheese in it.  The ranch is not the typical runny high sodium with no favor kind.  It’s thick creamy and has a great taste.

They also have a loyalty program called Pluckers Club. It’s $20, and well worth it.  Constant 10% discount via a point system, 1 point earned for every dollar spent EG 100 points=$10 off.  Free appetizer when 2 entrees are ordered (the fried mac and cheese is freaking amazing.) The selected free appetizer changes every two weeks. Free meal on yours, your spouse/domestic partner’s, and children’s birthdays.  The $20 enrollment fee pays for itself very quickly.

Pluckers Wing Bar

Arlington Highlands
Shopping Center
4000 Bagpiper Way, Suite 140

Arlington, TX 76018

5500 Greenville Ave. Suite 406
Dallas, Texas 75206

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