The DNC Is Morphing Into Pseudo-Republicans3 min read

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The Democratic Party is morphing into an old version of the GOP, and has been since the Clinton presidency. This is a direct result of Third Way’s influence over the DNC. Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for setting up Third Way as a think tank and adviser to the DNC. Consider Third Way’s donors, which are primarily Republican donors, lobbyists, and international mega-corporations.

Tim Kaine, Mrs. Clinton’s choice for vice president, was chosen to to help solidify the goal of selling the Democratic Party to the wealthy. Tim Kaine is another “status quo” politician. In spite of the remarkable lack of information about Tim Kaine’s associations with the Third Way (Google shows almost nothing about Tim Kaine’s ties to Third Way, but DuckDuckGo provided a good spread of info) there is still some information available. (There is more about his ties to the DLC, which eventually became Third Way, but that’s another article.)

For a sense of his liberal attitudes, you have to go no further than Hillary Clinton. Senator Kaine suddenly began supporting marriage equality in 2013, two weeks after Mrs. Clinton changed her mind and announced her support of LGBT marriage. Up until then Kaine avoided the subject as much as possible.

While many DNC establishment figures applaud the choice of Tim Kaine, people seeking to change the DNC are horrified. Karen Bernal, a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention from California, who is helping to lead a national network of delegates, said,

“Her choice of Sen. Kaine is a big ‘shut up and sit down’ to the progressive wing of the party.”

A survey of hundreds of Bernie Sanders “delegates” by a pro-Sanders organization found 88.5 percent thought Kaine to be “unacceptable.” Many said they would consider protesting his nomination on the floor of the convention next week in Philadelphia.

Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of Democracy for America, said,

“It should be disqualifying for any potential Democratic vice presidential candidate to be part of a lobbyist-driven effort to help banks dodge consumer protection standards and regulations designed to prevent banks from destroying our economy.”

Tim Kaine is a “Third Way” Democrat and not a “liberal.” This can be shown by both by Kaine’s membership in the DLC (an early version of Third Way), as well as by his statements and policies over the years. Broadly speaking, Kaine’s approach is not traditional liberalism, but is instead the “Third Way” philosophy of Bill and Hillary Clinton. This “is not” your Democratic Party.

Source: The DNC Is Morphing Into Pseudo-Republicans – The Bern ReportThe Bern Report

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